We’re very flexible and will make changes to our software to meet your course’s needs.

Below are a few examples of customizations that we have made for our clients.

Pool Check-In Module

One course wanted a check-in system for their swimming pool area.

A life guard types the members last name on a tablet, then clicks on their picture as they arrive.

The accountant can easily block members that are behind on payment.

Lessons Management System

Another course wanted a Lessons Management System. Our implementation allows players to book lessons on-line or in the proshop.

Pros can upload notes, pictures and videos from their phone. The player and pro can review the notes from prior lessons to see improvement.

The player and pro get text-reminders the day before the lesson.

Tournament Management

Another course wanted a tournament management system that allows members to sign-up on-line.

The pro can bill the member accounts before the tournament, then issue member credits after the event.

Current Conditions Web Block

With one click, you can enter your current conditions. These conditions will be displayed on your website instantly.

Additionally, you can update the conditions from your cell phone.

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