Our software is very intuitive. We realize many proshop employees are not computer savvy. Before making a change to our system, we ask “could our parents’ figure this out”? Next, we watch you and your employees use our system. If there is something we can do to decrease the number of clicks it takes to complete a sale, or book a tee time, we are happy to make that change.
As the country went into lockdown with COVID, we made numerous changes so our clients to stay open and stay safe. In many cases, this involved online payment options. In other cases, we created customized booking modules. For example, a couple courses in Illinois was only allowed to have singles and twosomes. A lot of these customizations were done within hours of being requested. We stopped marketing our software and put our business on hold, so we could prioritize our existing clients.
We have a course that does over 50,000 rounds a year. They have 2 computers in their proshop. They charge a key deposit for cart rentals, then do key refunds. A Key refund is just a cash sale for a negative amount. It used to take 4 mouse clicks to complete this transaction. We added a button to their main screen, so they can do a key refund with just one mouse click. This is an example of a customization that saves time.
We were at another course one morning after it had rained. They got a lot of calls from people asking about cart path rules for the day. We added a CURRENT CONDITONS module, where they can quickly update a section of their website. They can let customers see if carts are off the path, if the range is open, if the course is open, and if todays leagues are canceled or not. They can make these changes from a computer or their cell phone.
Another course wanted to offer their customers a free bucket of balls in exchange for their email address. When a customer checks in, if we don’t have their email address, we print a few lines on their receipt, telling them how they can enter their email address, then we email them a certificate for a free bucket of balls. They only get it, if they provide a valid email address.
We’ve made several customizations for accountants. In some cases, it is a special report. In other cases, and an export that they can import into their accounting software.