How We Increase Your Profit

Increasing profit comes from increasing sales and reducing expenses. 
1. We created a semi-automated email marketing system. At 10:00AM, our system will text you if your teetime utilization is less than 30% for the rest of the day.  The text will have a link you can click if you want to send a pre-defined email blast. 
2. Our system comes with an online booking engine, where you can announce your own specials if you want. We don’t deal in trade times, so you get 100% of the revenue from all rounds played.
3. No-shows during peak times are like shredding money. We make it easy to reduce no-shows.
4. We make it easy for you and your mangers to view the tee sheet from a phone. This allows your maintenance manager and food manager to alter employee works schedules.  This way, you are not paying employees to sit around during slow times.
5. We let you use any credit card processor you want. Many other POS vendors force you to use a specific credit card processor, that gives the POS vendor additional kickbacks.  Nevel Meade Golf Couse is saving over $300 a month in credit card processing fees after they started using our services.  We are happy to review your merchant statements and let you know if you are getting a good deal compared to other courses.
6. We only charged $250 a month for our services. We don’t charge you for months you are closed.  We charge an additional $30 a month if you want us to host your website.
7. We’ve never told a client their existing computer was not good enough. If a customer wants a new computer, we don’t force them to buy it from us.  We make recommendations, but we are not looking to make a profit from selling hardware to our client.